Purpose of the conferences

A series of global conferences, exploring the inherent oneness of humanity and a universal call to work for the betterment of the world.

These conferences will take place across Canada in diverse settings. People from all backgrounds, cultures, religions and ages are warmly invited.

Families are especially welcome. In addition to the main program, in many conferences, sessions will be offered for children (5 - 11 years) and junior youth (12 - 15 years) at the same time.

“Every community in the world findeth in these Divine Teachings the realisation of its highest aspirations. These teachings are even as the tree that beareth the best fruits of all trees.”


Transcending differences

What is the common ground needed on which to build our communities together?

Harmonizing perspectives

How do we build a unified vision for our area amongst diverse beliefs and backgrounds?

Developing qualities for service

What human characteristics and values are building blocks for a stable social order?

Promoting consultation

How do we navigate a pathway to decision making through inclusivity, understanding and detachment?

Recognizing our oneness

How is our understanding of the inherent oneness of humanity a means for social progress?
Conference themes

Inspiring individuals and communities to release the potential that lies within.

How can we welcome everyone into a process of building spiritually and materially vibrant communities?

Join with friends, families, colleagues, and neighbours, in urban and rural settings across Canada, to explore a unified vision for the betterment of the world.

A global community

A collection of films illustrating the worldwide efforts of thousands of local communities in urban and rural settings to translate Bahá’u’lláh’s vision for humanity into action.

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